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Student Series Tuition Courses

Student Series Collage.The Student Series of Tuition Books by Trevor Brown is a completely new approach to help you learn to play a keyboard instrument. Whether you are just starting out or wish to improve your skills, this is the course for you.

You will progress at your own rate regardless of whether you are learning at home or attending a Music School. We use fast, easy methods to give you a good basic understanding of music. Theory is covered as required but will not hinder your enjoyment of playing.

We have Courses for Piano, Organ, Personal/arranger keyboard, Melodion and a special 'Early Learner' edition. Whatever instrument you prefer - you will be certain to get on well with our courses.

NEW - Organ Library

Add to your repertoire with three new books from The Student Series.

Classical Moods for Organ   Robins Return for Organ   Snowdrops for organ
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Featured Series: The Student Organist

The Student Organist SetThe Student Organist series has been developed over many years of professional tuition. It adopts a rather unique method not found in many contemporary courses. These often rely on the student memorizing hundreds of chord names. We have found this slows progress, particularly on mid to advanced books and severely limits the ability of the Student. Right from Book One you will quickly recognize chords in the Bass Cleff which means it wont be long before you are able to pick up almost any piece of music and play without having to research unknown or tricky chord names.

Right from the outset, the course features many beautiful arrangements and original compositions. The help to make learning to play a real pleasure

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