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Learning To Play

Practise Makes Perfect...Its true. The amount you practise really is up to you, but it is fairly obvious the more time you spend at your keyboard the faster you will progress. However 'how' you practise can make a big difference.

Here are a few hints and tips to help you enjoy your learning experience. 

  • Light and Comfort

Make sure you have enough light so you can see your music and keyboard clearly. This will  avoid eye strain which could make you feel tired. If you need glasses....wear them.

Seating position and good posture are also important. If you are playing Piano or Organ make sure you have the correct bench to sit on. Did you know Organ benches are higher than Piano benches? Dining room chairs are not  a great choice for a number of reasons. Ask your tutor why this is.

  • Don't Over Practise

Sometimes practising can be hard going. Perhaps its a tricky piece, or your just not in the mood. Take a break and come back to it later.

  • Don't Under Practise

If you are paying for lessons it is such a waste of money and time to go to along unprepared. Rather than leaving it until the night before your lesson, practise a little every day. We have found it far better to take just 10 minutes each day than a solid hour in one go. Of course, we are not saying 10 minutes is enough for you!

  • Enjoy 'playing' Music

There  is a very good reason why we 'Play' a musical instrument rather than operate it. The Dictionary says of the word play: " exercise or activity for amusement or recreation". Your learning experience should be enjoyable. If it is not, then a little re-adjustment might be required on your part. Perhaps the instument is not for you? Perhaps your practise sessions are not fruitfull? Don't to your tutor, they may be able to offer suggestions.