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The Student Series - Early Learner by Trevor and Sally Brown

Stand a child in front of any piano keyboard and it wont be long before little fingers start pressing the keys! The aim of this book is to simply help them find the right notes, with the right fingers.

If your child knows the letters A to G and numbers 1 to 5, with a little patience and time he or she will be playing simple melodies.

This book provides your child with the building blocks of keyboard music, from here they can progress to either Piano, Keyboard or Organ. You will find a suitable course for all these instruments in 'The Student Series'.

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Early Learner Book 1Early Learner Stage One

Easy, get you started guide for the very beginner. Learning the basics of Keyboard Playing.

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Early Learner Book 2 Early Learner Stage Two.

Stage Two of our early learning guide. Please not this is not recommended for use without Stage One

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