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About the author

Trevor Brown is a professional musician and music tutor with many years of experience in performing and teaching music. He has been teaching for over 40 years and developed the Student Organist Tuition series in the 1990s due to inadequacies with current methods. Many of these severely limited the students ability to sight read due to the need to remember an extensive  library of chord names and shapes. The Student Organist integrates both right and left hand learning together without the need to remember chord names. This has been a great benefit to many learning to play.

In addition Trevor realised traditional methods of keyboard tuition were simply not working for his students. Many did not like the pressure of one-on-one tuition and group tuition severely limited the learning curve of those who could not keep up and frustrated those who were more advanced. Trevor Browns method abandons this old school approach, and the teacher simply becomes a guide in the learning process, assisting and correcting whilst the student progresses at their own rate.

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