Trevor Browns column in the Organ & Keyboard Cavalcade has become a popular features. To listen the MP3 file for this months article click on the 'Keyboard Cavalcade' button

Keyboard Cavalcade

Keyboard Cavalcade

The Student Series is a regular feature of Keyboard Cavalcade Magazine. Each article contains hints and tips and a piece of music written or arranged specifically for the magazine article.

You can download the Audio track for last few pieces here (instructions at the bottom of the page. If you have enjoyed listening and playing the songs featured in Keyboard Cavalcade over the past few years, perhaps you would be interested in owning the article back catalogue complete with scores, kept all together in one A4 sized book with accompanying CD? please call Trevor or Sally on 01604 637444

Latest Pieces - Audio

Most of the following pieces were recorded on Ketron Audya.

How you download the audio will depend on the set up and settings of your computer. Usually, if you want to download the audio track to your computer you need to click on the link using the button on the right hand side of your mouse. You should then see a list of options including either "Save Target As…" or "Save Link As…". If you select this option (or a similar option containing the word "save") you should be able to save the audio file (MP3) to your computers hard drive or removable device. Remember to save it to a folder you'll be able to find again later.

If you click on the Download link using the left hand button on your mouse, the audio will usually play. How this happens will depend on the set up and settings of your computer. Usually your default media player will open and the audio will start playing automatically.

Latest Pieces - Video

On occasion we upload a video to our Facebook page. You can see it here.


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